Therapeutic Exercise

This low-impact, variable-intensity technique helps dogs that are recovering from injuries, surgeries, or disabilities. Click the photo to learn more!

Manual Therapy

Mocha is just one of the many dogs that benefits from our Manual Therapy services at Four Paws Fitness and Rehab. Click this photo to learn more.

This is Baloo!

Baloo has an incredible story - click here to learn all about it!

Wellness & Conditioning

Echo is getting a great workout on this treadmill. Find out how your dog can benefit from Wellness and Conditioning exercises by clicking this photo!

Happy in the Underwater Treadmill!

Okay, so this sweetheart's name actually is Happy, but all dogs can be happy if they come and work out in our new underwater treadmill! Click the photo to learn more!

Our Services

  • Four Paws Fitness and Rehab center is equipped with an underwater treadmill, which allows us to offer aqua therapy to our canine clients. Aqua therapy treatments can be used to help your dog in many ways, including pain control, post-operative rehabilitation, and general fitness.

    Visit our Aqua Therapy page for more information.
  • Manual therapy is a hands-on technique that we use at Four Paws to treat many of our canine friends. Manual therapy can offer pain relief from injuries associated with injuries or surgeries. It can be used to increase the range of motion in limbs that are underdeveloped or underused.

    Please visit our Manual Therapy page for more information.
  • At Four Paws Fitness and Rehab, we use therapeutic exercises to strengthen muscles and limbs that have been affected by injury, surgery, and atrophy. Treatments generally include working with special equipment such as inflated physio-balls and wooden balance boards.

    Please visit our Therapeutic Exercise page for more information.
  • The wellness and conditioning program at Four Paws Fitness and Rehab can be designed and customized to the needs of our patients. Whether you're wanting to keep your dog in peak physical condition for athletic training, or help them lose a little weight, we've can help.

    Please visit our Wellness and Conditioning page for more information.

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