A great year of helping dogs stay strong, healthy and active

A lot can change in 12 months in the dog therapy and pet rehabilitation world. That’s why we’re excited to have another incredible year behind us at Four Paws Fitness & Rehab.

If you brought a pet through our doors this past year, you know why: we saw one of our most successful years yet – and your pet may have been a part of it.

We’re well into 2018, but it’s time to do some reflecting on the past and look ahead to what we know will be another great year for you and your furry friends.

Perhaps one of the best things about doing what we do is seeing the faces of pet owners walk out the door smiling and their dogs active and engaged.

If you’ve been to Four Paws Fitness & Rehab, you know our services can help almost any dog:

  • we help overweight dogs through our doggie “fat camp”
  • we help injured dogs walk again, including many whose hind legs were no longer working
  • we help old dogs regain some tricks to stay active
  • we help with post-surgery dog retraining

Our dog therapy and rehabilitation services are reaching canines of all sizes in new ways. Whether it’s laser treatment to decrease inflammation from arthritis, our doggie water treadmill, or just working with dogs day in and day out to build strength and lose extra pounds, we opened up our doors to hundreds of new four-legged clients.

One great example of this is Dudley, a short-haired dachshund who had a disc issue in his back. He was completely paralyzed in his back legs. His owners took him to Iowa State University veterinary school for back surgery and he came the Four Paws for his rehab. We’re happy to report that he now is walking just fine on all fours. He’s a happy little guy now, and so is his owner.

Additionally, our friends in the veterinary industry are seeing our success helping dogs walk again after a debilitating injury or age-related weakness. Where once these dogs might have gone home to live a short, inactive life, now they’re back to walking (or running) with their owners each day. We regularly hear from vets who are amazed at the work we are doing.

Whether it’s after a surgery, an injury or just plain old age, my dream of making a difference in the lives of dog owners across the region is coming true every day.

This truly is a remarkable achievement that’s helped make the past year the best yet.

Thanks again for an awesome 2017. We can’t wait to help more dogs in 2018.