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Hannah loves coming here every week. For a 13 year old, she is moving well after the therapies.

Judy Thompson

Without a doubt, the best money I ever spent. Thanks, Jean.

Michael Bruce Nelson

Jean is so knowledgeable and does an amazing job. She is so good at her passion.

Conni Peters

It’s truly amazing to see how just after a month of going here how happy and young my avalanche acts now!!! I owe you the world for helping out avezy boy out!!

Travis Moorhouse

Jean has done amazing things with our ornery Yorkie, Herman. We never thought we’d see him walk again, and now he can! (At least when he wants to!)

Jane Sibley

My name is Roxie the Doxie. I was eight years old and severely obese when I suddenly was unable to use my back legs. Two out of three veterinarians said I would never walk again. The vets said if there was any hope I would ever walk again, I would need to have expensive surgery on my back. No vet could guarantee even with surgery that I would walk again.

I was initially sent to “death row.” Before that happened, I was rescued by Dr. Phil Kramper and Noah’s Hope. They saw my potential because my tail never stopped wagging. Plus I have adorable brown eyes. In order to heal and heel again, I could not move for several months. My service human would take me outside with a sling and then later holding my tail and walking me. The fact I could not move for so many months caused my muscles to atrophy. But the rest paid off.

Today I am not only walking but climbing up stairs and running faster than my service human. I had no surgery. I am not on any addicting drugs. The cure was weight reduction, patience, time and weekly therapy sessions with Jean to get the muscles that had atrophied over the many months of being sedentary to work again. In our hourly sessions, Jean made me work hard to get those muscles back into shape.

I was not always compliant with Jean’s exercises, and tried to trick her into thinking I could not do them. But Jean knew better. She was patient and caring and got me back to living a very very full life. I give Jean Gill 4 Paws up!

Roxie the Doxie

What can we say about Jean Gill other than she is awesome?

Jean contacted us in September of 2011 to treat a 6 week old blue tick coonhound puppy who had not learned how to use his front legs. Baloo had been surrendered to animal control and was rescued by Noah’s Hope Animal Rescue who had contacted Jean to do therapy on him.

Jean contacted us to use our hot tub for aqua therapy on him. We knew from the minute we saw him that we would adopt him and get him the therapy he so badly needed from Jean. You could see results from the first session in the hot tub and he continued to improve with each session.

Within two weeks from initial visit Baloo was able to walk and run and be a puppy. We continued aqua therapy as well as walking him on our treadmill for about 8 weeks and today he is a happy-go-lucky 2 year old dog who thoroughly enjoys life thanks to the treatment he received from Jean.

He still has just a little bit of a limp and now that Jean has her underwater treadmill he will having further treatment. What Jean did for Baloo was remarkable – you could even say it was a miraculous. We would highly recommend Four Paws Fitness and Rehab to anyone who needs help for the four legged loved one.

Ran & Kathy Newberg

Our beagle, Petey, tore the ACL in his right back leg and had to undergo surgery. Unfortunately, within 3 weeks of surgery, he tore the ACL in his left back leg as well and had to undergo another surgery. We very quickly went from having an active beagle to having a dog that would only walk on his two front legs.

We weren’t sure what to do or how we were going to help him recover but our veterinarian recommended doing physical therapy with Jean. Petey initially met with Jean 2-3 times a week doing stretching and strengthening exercises and water therapy. Over a couple months, Petey made great strides and before we knew it, he was back to being our wild four-legged pup.

Jean was so great to work with and I know Petey would not be the same if we hadn’t worked with her!

Jamey & Shauna LaFleur & Petey

Jean puts her heart in anything she does and definitely has a passion for dogs and fitness. Great service for our area.

Linda Koch Kellen